A new challenge

The thirty-first UWOL Challenge has been announced. The nineteen competitors, from eleven countries, are about to begin their projects interpreting the theme for this competition, which is, "Nature speaks in colours." Unconformity has registered for the competition and will be submitting an entry tentatively titled, "Diurnal variation".

The DV Challenge

The Digital Video Information Network Forum is a valuable place for all sorts of information and collaboration on video production. It can be found at: http://www.dvinfo.net/forum/.

About four times a year, the DV Challenge is conducted to give short film makers the opportunity to compete for a fantastic prize from the DVeStore. This Challenge, DVC 23, Guy Cochrane provided one of the new Black Magic Design Pocket Cinema Cameras as the prize. The DVeStore is available here: http://dvestore.com.

This Challenge had the theme of Mystery. There were eleven entries all of a very high quality. The eventual winners were Henry and George Williams of London. They chose to explore the mystery of why did the chicken cross the road.

Unconformity Media put in an entry entitled “The Interview”.

You can view all the DVC 23 videos at the DV Info forum.